Spring tide on 29 September at Mont Saint Michel

On Tuesday 29 September, a spring tide will occur with a coefficient of 117. Mont Saint Michel has the highest tides in Europe. During the neap tide period, the sea does not reach the rock due to its location at the end of the bay. However, in the spring tide period the sea comes all the way up to the Mont, but only 4 hours and 30 minutes after the tide has started to rise, approximately once every fifteen days.

Mont Saint Michel
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Tour de France 2016: departing from Mont Saint Michel

The Grand Départ of the 103th Tour de France will take place on Saturday 2 July on Mont-Saint-Michel, for the second time in three years following the time trial for the event’s 100th year in 2013.
This time, there are no individual trials but rather a long leg of 188 km between the Mont and Utah Beach, one of the famous D-Day beaches in June 1944.

Mont Saint Michel

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